Rail Spike Woodworks
Rail Spike Woodworks was launched  in 2012. Our product line was developed out of our passion for railroading, its history, material, designs, and rustic nature of the products. 

The product line was first started by looking at the rail spike and thinking about how the spike could be used in its natural state without substantially deforming or altering its true form. We are unlike other sources that use the rail spike for the products they sell in that they deform or weld onto the spike. This takes away from the boldness and true artistry of the spike.

With these factors in mind we introduced using the spike in its natural state with the warmth of natural oak. The combination of these two elements reflect a rustic signature with warm decor.

Our products are made with the concept to have them used in everyday life with the idea that they never have to be replaced. Durability and usefulness are important features in the products that we produce. We take pride in crafting our products with the vision that the quality in craftsmanship will be reflective of your home as it would be of ours.

Some of the homes for our products have been in cabin decor, Southwestern decor, Western Ranch decor, and in homes of the railroad enthusiast. Our products range throughout your home from the front door with our door knocker, to the kitchen with our paper towel dispensers, and to the bath with our toilet tissue holder. Our products also include coat racks, a door stop and a table top napkin holder. Shed handles and cabinet hardware will be coming soon.

We believe our products blended with the elements of the rail spike and natural wood along with the design and function create a useful line of home decor products that will last and carry with them unique beauty all their own.

We at Rail Spike Woodworks are always thinking of new ways to use the rail spike with wood accent design so, upon request, we will consider custom special orders for our products.

Thank you for your interest in Rail Spike Woodworks.  You may reach us at our e mail address: support@railspikewoodworks.com or you may call us at 775-356-6029​

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